Thursday, August 12, 2010

Glory Clouds in South Bend?

When I was driving home from praise team rehearsal last week, I saw a strange mist above a nearly empty parking lot by the intersection of Lincoln Way and Miami. At first I thought there was a fire or something, but there was no fire to be seen. The bluish-gray mist formed a rounded cloud that extended over the entire area of the lot but no farther. I continued analyzing the mist as I turned at the intersection to see if I could determine its source. Then I noticed another mist formation of similar shape farther from the road, near the river. At that point I had driven too far to keep observing the mist/fog/whatever, so I concluded that some water vapor from the nearby river simply condensed into fog and blew in over the bank.

Well, this week I saw a similar phenomenon on my way home from rehearsal. At the corner of Eddy and Jefferson, I saw a bluish-gray mist over a nearly empty parking lot. This time, there was also another mist formation (not sure if it was part of the other one) in the middle of the road. Note that the location is no longer by the river. The mist/cloud(s?) were kitty corner from where I pulled up to the intersection to turn right. I didn't notice any disturbance in the mist as cars went through it (although that may be because I didn't observe it closely enough). Just as the week before, the shape of the mist was very localized (I'd almost say confined...) and defined. It was eerie--not like any mist or fog I've ever seen. I wished that Josh were in the car so that I could make sure he could see the mist, too. As I passed by the mist, I had the thought, "I wonder if that's a glory cloud?"

I'll keep my eyes open for similar phenomena, and next time I won't be able to resist pulling over to investigate. If God is manifesting His presence over South Bend parking lots, I want to be there! :-)

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