Friday, December 10, 2010

Report of Recent Healings

(1) My son hit me on the bridge of my nose with a toy and I started getting a huge bruise. I commanded the bruise to be healed in Jesus's name, and it disappeared without a trace within a matter of minutes.

(2) My neighbor had an extremely bad case of allergies (stuffy head and headache). I prayed for her, and she reported that her allergy symptoms disappeared when she went into the house (a few minutes after I prayed for her). The reduction in allergy symptoms persisted.

(3) My son hit his head on the corner of a cabinet very hard and had an inch-long dent in his forehead. The injury quickly swelled up--it looked horrible--but I rebuked it in Jesus's name. My son joined me and repeated over and over, "In Jesus' name, bruise be healed!" The pain and swelling of the bruise healed significantly within about half and hour.

Praise Jesus for His wonderful mercy and sacrifice for us all! The Lord is good and worthy to be praised. Thank you, Jesus!