Saturday, January 29, 2011

Healing Training with God

I got sick last week with a nasty bug. I had a headache, stuffy nose, sore throat, and a cough that rattled my lungs. I had recently been reading several ex-Pentecostal articles that were highly condemning of binding demons and casting out sickness, so I felt like my faith for speaking healing into myself was too low to have effect. So, I prayed a simple prayer to God, "God, will you please take away my headache?"

At the very same moment I finished speaking my request, my headache was completely gone. I thanked God for healing my headache. I then perceived God urging me in my spirit, "Ok, now it's your turn."

I was a little shocked. My mind was filled with my recollection of so many Christians questioning whether speaking healing in Jesus's name was something that true Christians should do (or whether it would actually invoke spiritual attack, or even condemnation). And yet, I felt as though God was encouraging me to continue on my quest for truth about healing despite my lack of faith.

So, I prayed, "In Jesus's name, nasal passages be clear of congestion." Interestingly, a small airway opened up in my nasal passage. (My nose was completely congested before my prayer--no air could get through at all!) I praised and thanked Jesus for the portion of healing I received. The small airway wasn't big enough for me to breathe through comfortably, so I prayed again, "In Jesus's name, nasal passages be clear enough for me to breath easily." I waited for awhile, but it seemed as though my second prayer didn't have an instant result like my first prayer did.

I then turned my attention back to God, asking Him, "God, now it's your turn--Will you please heal my sore throat?"

As soon as I finished speaking those words, I swallowed hard to test whether or not my throat was better. I discovered that it was completely healed! Again, I gave thanksgiving to God for delivering me from my sore throat. And again I perceived in my spirit, "Ok, now it's your turn."

Curious as to what would happen, I prayed, "In Jesus's name, cough, come into alignment with the principles of heaven. Feel the peace of God, and be still. Root of the cough, in Jesus's name, be gone!" I then waited to see what would happen, but it was hard to tell the extent of the effect of my prayer. It seemed like the catchy-feeling in my throat that would cause me to cough had gotten a little bit better, so I thanked Jesus for making it possible for me to receive this portion of healing.

The lesson that I took away from this experience is that God is gracious, and God desires for us to seek Him and His principles! Even when I was lacking in faith, God still urged me to use the little faith I had to pray according to the principles I had been learning from His Word. He had mercy on me in my sickness, and He enforced to me that He does desire that the sick become well. He also showed me that when His power is properly channeled, instant healing is possible! But that means that I have more to learn. My prayers had some effect, even when my faith was small. But I can aim to grow in faith and experience, and my prayers will become more effective as a result!

This lesson was very encouraging to me. I want to draw near to God and be all that He purposed me to be!

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