Friday, January 7, 2011

Dream About Deception of the Church

Let me share with you a dream I had the other night:
A powerful group of leaders announced that 5 Christians needed to be sacrificed in order for God's favor to remain on the world. 3 older gentlemen and 2 young ladies volunteered. Disturbed by the situation, I went to talk with the 2 ladies. I asked them, "Why are you doing this?"

One of the ladies replied, "It is my responsibility to serve God. I also organize a sports team and take care of my pet canary [she used examples of a similar nature, but I can't remember them], but those responsibilities don't compare to my responsibility to serve God."

The other lady replied in tears, "I thought that this would be for the best. Isn't this what God would want me to do?"

I knew that the first lady had a family with 3 small children, and I was dazzled at how she could possibly forget her responsibility to her family. I also knew that the second lady was recently married, though she acted as if she didn't even know she had a husband! I tried to explain that there was something wrong with the entire situation: God wouldn't demand human sacrifices for us to retain His favor! I convinced them to flee. As they ran out of the building, I declared, "In Jesus' name, may the eyes of every evil spirit be blinded and the ears of every force of evil be deaf."

After that, I felt a sense of urgency to convince every person in the building that there was something very wrong going on. The leadership had led the majority of us astray. But, I also felt the urge to visit the restroom, so I took a pit stop before continuing on my mission.

While I was in a stall, two ladies came into the restroom. A brunette in a red dress suit haughtily dispensed the plan of the leadership to a black woman in a brown dress suit. "The people don't know," she laughed, "but we plan to kill them all!"

At that moment, she pushed open the door to my stall. Not saying a word, she gave me the most evil, confident smile I had ever seen--knowing that I wasn't in a position to run her down--and then both ladies left. After overcoming some awkward obstacles in the restroom, I quickly resumed my mission to let everyone know of the evil scheme.

I first found my husband. I tried to get his attention so that I could tell him the urgency of the plot I discovered, but he was distracted by a conversation with my brother. When I finally got his attention, he quickly got on board with my mission. I then spent some time arguing with my brother and my mom, trying to convince them that there was really a threat. Once they were convinced, I told them to get the rest of the family (including my cousin, who happened to be there) out of the building and far away.
The dream ended unresolved. As soon as I woke up, I felt as though the Lord was revealing an interpretation to me. Here's the interpretation:
Many Christian leaders have unwittingly absorbed lies of evil spirits that are planning the demise of the Church. These lies have been dispensed pervasively throughout the Church by means of the teachings of these leaders. Many members of the Body of Christ are completely unaware of their responsibilities as a child of God, many have forgotten their first love, Jesus Christ, and many sacrifice themselves for God in ways that God never intended.

The forces of evil are not satisfied with just a few wrecked lives, however. They intend to destroy every child of the Kingdom. Most people seem not to be aware of this evil plot, and many go along with it, thinking that God ordained it. But, there are a few who have discovered the evil plot. The enemy is taking every opportunity to gloat about his victory so as to discourage these few discerning souls from continuing their mission to wake up the Church from their deception. The enemy comes at the few when they are at their weakest points--and when they feel the least prepared to fight back--so as to dishearten their efforts. The enemy is confident and vicious; no mercy will be given.

But there is hope. Some Christians have started to get the word out. Even though the masses are distracted by worldly affairs and even opposed to the idea that evil forces are plotting to destroy Christianity, some wake up to reality and escape from the clutches of evil.
Let's be wise as we live for God in these last days.

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