Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dream about Overcoming Darkness

A couple weeks ago, I had an interesting dream. I want to share this dream with you because I think the Lord revealed to me an interpretation that could be beneficial for my Christian brothers and sisters to hear. I will first tell you the dream, and then I will tell you the interpretation that I perceived the Lord gave me that same day. Here's the dream:
My husband and I were going to a friend's house for a party. When we stepped into the house, we saw that the lights seemed to be on, but it was very dark. In fact, it was so dark that my eyes hurt. We tried to walk around and look for things, but it was nearly impossible because of the thick blackness that surrounded us. Other people were stumbling around in the darkness, too, but they didn't really seem to notice that it was abnormally dark or even that they were acting abnormally because of how the darkness inhibited their senses. As we were walking around, I couldn't stand the darkness anymore. I blinked, hoping for the darkness to be gone, and suddenly the room was significantly brighter. It appeared that I was the only one who experienced this new found vision, though.

I walked to other portions of the house, and I didn't notice that my vision got darker and darker until the house appeared as dark as it was before. I came across a young lady (college-age, brown curly hair) who also was troubled by the extreme darkness. We both blinked, and the room appeared brighter to both of us.

When it was time to leave, I stopped to collect our son Micah's toys and clothes that we brought with us. As I picked up Micah's toys off the floor, I noticed that there were several toys that looked very similar to Micah's but that were a slightly different shape or color. I then started to search for Micah's clothes out of a box by the front door containing some onesies, sleepers, and sweatshirts. As I picked up the clothing one by one, I noticed that several articles of clothing were almost indistinguishable from one another. For example, there were 3 or 4 blue-grey Elmo sweatshirts that looked exactly the same except for the size printed on the tag! (Micah's said "18 months," but there were others with sizes, like "16 3/4 months.") The onesies and sleepers were only distinguishable by fine features of the coloring and pattern of the fabric. In the midst of my sorting, I realized that the room was again very dark. Once this realization came to me, the dream ended.
After inquiring of the Lord, I believe I received the interpretation of this dream. Here is my perceived interpretation:
The darkness represents oppression--spiritual, emotional, and physical. The people stumbling in the darkness unaware of their circumstances represent the people living in this world without God's Spirit dwelling within them who are held captive to Satan without their knowledge. The people aware of their situation are those who are oppressed by evil but who have God's Spirit within them giving them discernment. For them, it is as easy as blinking their eyes to escape from the darkness, but to do so they must acknowledge they are oppressed and then trust in Jesus to set them free. (Jesus already paid the price--"It's finished!") The near-identical clothing articles and toys represent doctrines that are very close to truth and yet are skewed or twisted in some clever way. It is difficult to discern truth from wayward doctrine when under a veil of darkness, but the Spirit of God gives us discernment when we are in the light.
We all need to recognize that we are susceptible to the influence of evil. Christians are not immune to the wiles of the devil; otherwise, why would Paul warn us to put on our spiritual armor (see Ephesians 6)? If we give ourselves over to temptation and engage in sin, we are putting ourselves into Satan's bondage. How horrible to become again a slave to Satan after Jesus purchased us with His own blood! We need to make our hearts pure before God and obey His commands with the goal of being perfect as He is perfect! If that is our goal and our desire, surely the Spirit of God will lead us into all truth (see John 16:13). Let us not allow our lives to be corrupted by evil because our hearts are haughty!

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