Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Am Waiting

I am next on the list for special music at church, and since I had previously decided to write a song this time around, I thought I would include an exhortation to learn God's truth within the lyrics (since this topic has been on my mind a lot this week). Instead of posting my thoughts and feelings about scripture passages today, I will instead post the lyrics to the song I just finished writing for Sunday. Enjoy.

I Am Waiting

I tremble and hide
In the darkness of my heart,
In the midst of all the things I’ve stored inside.
I don’t realize
I am trapped within myself,
But I got here through selfishness and pride.

There was a time
When my heart wasn’t so crowded.
I made room for a heav’nly friend of mine.
But over time
I forgot about his presence
And reclaimed his space with selfish loves of mine.

Yet I’m still waiting
For the gifts of joy and peace,
And I’m praying
For my life to be complete.
But I’ve failed to recall
That he’s the Lord over all,
So I’m still searching.
I am waiting
But no one hears my cry.


I sit in tears
Then I hear a still, small voice
Reminding me of what I’d known for years.
If I want to be free
I can not trust in my own strength.
I must trust the one who first befriended me.

So I lift my eyes
And reach out from the darkness,
Then Jesus takes my hand, to my surprise.
He says, “Let me teach you my ways
So that each and every day
I can empty your heart and dwell with you again.”

“'Cause I’ve been waiting
For you to seek my face.
I’ve been waiting
While others take my place,
But I gently call
For you to give your all.
I am knocking,
I am waiting...”

“I am waiting
For you to seek my face.
I am waiting
For you to take my gift of grace.
Now I gently call
To you, one and all.
Will you answer?
I am waiting…

Will you answer?
I am waiting…

Will you answer?
I am waiting…”

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